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Our S'paw Services

Did Know... We Groom Dogs And Cats...

Full Groom Offers: 

Foot Pads, Anal Opening, Groin to Navel, Armpit Mats, Inverted "V", Brush Out, Full Body Pre-Clip, Scissor Paws, Tail, Head, Face, Ears, Pluck/Clean Ears, Nails Clipped/Filed, Bath-2 Shampoos, Dry, Re-Brush, Finish Body Clip, Re-Scissor Paws, Tail, Head, Face, Ears  

Bath/Nails Offers:

Pre-Brush, Nails Clipped/Filed, Ears Cleaned, 2-Shampoos, Dry Re-Brush**        

 **Bath & Nails services Will not be done on a Heavily Matted Dogs**

Small Dog Breeds:

Shih Tzu, Maltese, Terriers, Havanes

             ~ Full Groom  39.82 +HST*

~ Bath/Nails Only 25.00 +HST*

*Extra Services could apply

Medium Dog Breeds: 

Cocker-Spaniels, Schnauzers, Cocka-poo

                ~ Full Groom  48.67 +HST*

~ Bath/Nails Only 35.00 +HST*

*Extra Services could apply

Large Breeds

Golden Retrievers, Labs, German Shepherd, Golden Doodles

          ~ Full Groom  57.52 +HST* 

~ Bath/Nails Only 45.00 +HST*
*extra services could apply 

X-Large Breeds: 

Newfoundlanders, Saint Barnards  

    ~ Full Groom  66.37 +HST*

~ Bath/Nails Only 55.00 +HST*

*extra services could apply 

Services I don't provide:

~ Expressing Anal Glands

Dogs naturally express their anal glands with each bowel movement. When humans start to force the expression of the glands it can cause damage to them or the dog may lose the ability to express them on their own. If your pet has issues with their anal glands, please see your veterinarian.

Shaving of large breeds dogs

Large breed dogs have two layers of coats. The topcoat is a thick protective layer, and the undercoat is a soft, dense insulating layer. The undercoat is what dogs shed, the topcoat does not shed. If the protective topcoat is removed, this makes the skin of the dog vulnerable to the exposure of the sun and other conditions. Shaving these breeds will NOT stop them from shedding and will NOT help to keep them cool in the summer. Shaving will actually make them hotter with high risk for sunburns, because there is no protective topcoat to reflect the sun. Here a Carrie's K9 Cuts we can help with a simple solution to shedding and summer heat. with the removal of the undercoat. removal, which is included in a full groom.