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Questions + Answers

Do You Have Questions?! We Got Answers For You!

What Can I Expect On Our First Visit?

On Your First Visit To Our Spa, Please Ensure Your Pet Is Up-To-Dates On Their Rabies Vaccination For The Safety Of Our Staff.

How Much Does Grooming Cost?

Grooming Prices Depend On The Size And Breed Of Your Pooch.

How Often Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

4-6 Weeks For Longer Hair Styles, 6-8 Weeks Short Hair Styles

Are Walk-In Accepted?

Walk-In Nails Are Accepted & Extra Mini Grooming Services, Fullgroom By Appointments Only.

Do We Accept All Dogs?

We Sure Do! Welcome All Sizes & Breeds.

Do We Groom Cats?

We Sure Do! Please Book An Appointment For Feline FullGroom Package.

How Long Does It Take?

Grooming Time Depends On The Size & Breed Of The Dog, As well As The Services Required. When You Arrive For Your Appointment, We Will Do Our Best To Give You An Approximate Pick-Up Time. Generally Speaking You Should Expect To Leave Your Dog With Us Between 2 To 4 Hours. 

Can I Wait For My Pet?

Most Dogs Or Cats Can Become Excited When They See Their Owners And Might Become Stressed Or Anxious If They Can't Immediately Go To Them. To Avoid Extra Excitement And Safety For Your Pet, We Recommend You Do Not Stay While Your Fur-baby Is Being Groomed Or Bathed.

Do You Need An Appointment?

Yes, You Must Make An Appointment To Receive Any Of Our FullGroom Service Package. Please Let Us Know 24 Hours In Advance If You Need To Change Or Cancel Your Appointment.

Please Note:

Dogs With Extremely Matted Hair, Very Thick Coats Or Temperamental Personalities May Subject To Longer Grooming Time To Make It A Stress-Free Visit For Your Furry-Friend! If We Determine Your Dogs Coats Is Too Severely Matted, We Will Suggest It Be Clipped Instead To Avoid Undue Pain Or Discomfort To The Dog Extra Charge May Apply!

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